Saturday, August 6, 2011

Long Point July 22-24 2011

Disaster at Long Point two weekends ago! Not only were the mosquitos really bad, deer flies as well, but we got hit with a tremendous downpour late Saturday night. Normal procedure on set up upon arriving at any campsite when setting up the awning is to set it with one end lower than the other, to allow any rain to drain off. For some reason that weekend we did not follow standard operating procedures! Can't explain it, just a brain fart! We set the awning up level, it poured down rain, rain pooled on awning, awning support barrel collapsed while we were attempting to drain the rain off, this was around 1am. Maureen and I both got drenched when it collapsed, bugs eating us alive in the middle of a bad storm, much cursing and swearing. All we could do was leave it till morning to deal with. In the morning light, still much speaking of bad words, and kicking one's self in the hind quarters for being so stupid. After much consideration and pondering of what to do next, we rolled the awning up as best we could and drove home. So new awning on order to be installed Wednesday, nothing of the old one could be salvaged. Of course could not count on Sicard's RV to help, they said they would look at it on August 16th, order the replacement, which would take 4 weeks to come in, so maybe they would have it replaced by September. Called Mobile Life RV they got me in this past Wednesday, ordered the replacement, which will be in by Monday, they will install it on the 10th, six days before Sicard's would even have a first look. Only bright spot (pun intended) of the weekend was getting to see a large contingent of fireflies light up the evening, what a spectacle to see these tiny bugs flashing all around us. Great time on the beach but got really badly sun burnt, still peeling the dead skin off two weeks later. Duncan.

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