Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Winter Walk In The Woods

I have been trying to get out for a walk in the woods at least once a week to enjoy the sights of winter. The past few weeks have been amazingly beautiful with all of the snow we have had recently. There have not been many bird sightings but the coating of fresh snow on everything has made the walk in the forest very eye catching. We came across the remains a coyote left by the path from a meal it enjoyed earlier in the morning. Not a pleasant sight by any means. The chickadees were busy looking for food but were not brave enough to come and get some seeds from my hand. I had to leave it on a stump and hope they found it.

Lets go for a walk together

A snow toadstool along the path

Looking up at a snow covered pine tree

Reflections in the stream

Winters colour in the forest

The coyotes footprint in the snow

Bracket Fungus-(Tinder Polypore)
  with a little snow on it

Burrs along the path

Winters hand

A hat made of snow

Sun reflecting on the stream

A plant encased in ice

Winters beauty along the path

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