Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wheatley May 10-12, 2013

A wonderful week-end was had by all. We did lots of hiking and went to Point Pelee National Park. I was able to get my first picture of an owl. How exciting! We had a few great meals and cousin Joanne's ribs were delicious. :o) and yes we did return the borrowed item back to the LCBO in Wheatley. I was a little shocked when it started snowing just before we headed home. I didn't think it was that cold!!! It was a white knuckle drive home for Duncan as he battled the wind gusts up to 70 km all the way, but we made it home safely.  The sun would shine at times and at others we were in a snow storm. I will update with more info later but I know some of you look for the update on Tuesday so I will add more soon.

A Hike Around The Marsh Area At Wheatley Park

A view of part of the marsh

Mr. Wood Duck and Mr. & Mrs. Mallard

There were lots of carp spawning

Northern Rough-winged Sparrow coming in for a landing

Spring Fungus (Dryad's Saddle)

A large snapping turtles head peaking out

A Tree Swallow taking a rest on the boardwalk rail

Lots of drums or a place to sit........

An eyeful of yellow on the wet forest floor

New growth on an old log

Muskrat out for an evening snack

Lots of wild flowers to enjoy

Eastern Phoebe being a little shy

More Images Of A Great Week-end Away

Eastern Screech Owl, what a thrill!!!

Angry looking Grackle

Common Yellowthroat peaking out through the reeds

Wild Columbine coming into bloom

Nashville Warbler

Female Red-bellied Woodpecker

Barn Swallow at the marsh at Point Pelee Park

Take a seat and enjoy the view at Point Pelee Marsh

Bee taking a rest in a flower

I'm keeping my eye on you......

A male Blackburnian Warbler

 Golden beauty in the woods

Male Magnolia Warbler

This male Yellow Warbler stayed still 
long enough to get his photo taken
A dirt storm along Lake Erie on our windy drive home

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