Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MacGregor Point, May 31- June 2, 2013

Life is wonderful at MacGregor Point. We were able to see lots of wildlife and even some I didn't want to see. We had a bit of rain just after we arrived but nothing to stop us from adventuring through the park. We spotted a porcupine in the woods but it was not going to have it's picture taken. They just don't like the camera pointed at them! The deer were a little more co-operative. We had a nice campfire but the moths were being a little to friendly as far as I was concerned.
Saturday we did some exploring in the park and went up to Southampton to visit with John & Joanne. There house is to say the least torn apart inside but the rebuilding is getting underway. It will be quite nice and a real change when it is finished. We went out to Duffy's for a fish supper and visited with them for the evening.
Sunday I spent time exploring around our campground area and getting some nature photos. I was lucky enough to spend time with a Flycatcher that was very busy building her nest. What an amazing and large undertaking it is for such a small bird. She seemed oblivious to my presence as I watched her work away at collecting material and adding it to the nest. After leaving the park we headed to Inverhuron to visit with Duncan's brother Rod who has rented a cottage there. The weather did a real change late Sunday morning. It had been hot and humid and by the time we headed out it was only nine degrees. Will the warm weather ever come to stay? We had a relaxing week-end and I look forward to our next trip up there.

I helped this fella across the road so it wouldn't get run over

The Lady Slippers are in bloom all over the park

Filling his cheeks with treats he's finding

We listened to this flicker sing all weekend but this was the best I could get

Pitcher Plants are in bloom

Hiding on the woods but keeping an eye on us

This one is molting its winter coat

Crossing the road to get away as I was following 
it at the edge of the woods

I love the new park store sign. 
All parks should use nice signs like this

Saturday evening sunset over Lake Huron

Yellow Warbler

A dragonfly at the bird blind

Lovely little flowers after a rain shower

Water Lilies at the edge of the marsh
 A male Common Bluetail Damselfly
An Eastern Kingbird posing.....
A family outing of Canada Geese
Massive growth on a mostly dead tree

I've got an itch, female Purple Finch

I love the variegated leaves and it just about to bloom

Do you like my hairdo??

One of the caterpillars from the many tents on the trees

A tree's natural caterpillar.............

New life on an old stump. Almost looks like fall

Red-eyed Vireo singing its song

Out on there Sunday evening courting night.
We passed them on our drive home near Inverhuron

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  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You have a gift Maureen....a great eye!