Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice Looks Nice, But........

After Fridays & Saturdays rain and above freezing temperatures it all changed Saturday evening and the ice started to gather on everything. When we awoke on Sunday it was a beautiful winter wonderland. Everything was coated in a heavy layer of ice and the large trees on the street were starting to succumb to the weight. One by one they started to droop and come crashing down. The noise and destruction lasted for several hours until almost all the trees on our side of the street were either totally down or had major damage. There were a couple of vehicles that sustained damage but for the most part people were able to move their cars before the trees came down. This will be a week-end that will last in our memories for a long time.. The street will look much different this summer without all those large trees shading us. Even the birds were being a little more social with each other as they got some nourishment to keep them warm through this very wet and icy time.

Memories of the December Ice Storm

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