Thursday, July 28, 2016

Clancy Reunion, "Bruder Campground" July 22-25 2016

 Its hard to believe that it has been a year since we all gathered at Fred and Liz's country estate for our annual family reunion. We celebrated our German roots this year. We lucked out with the weather and had no rain. It was hot and humid but there was always a nice breeze to help keep us more comfortable.
 We arrived Friday afternoon and set up camp. Cousin John pulled in with his big 5th wheel just after us. We were just sitting down for some dinner when my brother Bill arrived. What a nice surprise it was to spend the evening with him. He and his family had other commitments for Saturday so it was great to spend time catching up. Pat and Geoff arrived later that evening and were able to visit with Bill before he headed back home.
 Saturday was rather quiet in the morning as the usual number of people staying over Friday night was lower this year. I enjoyed some time walking on the trail that runs along the property and checking out the birds and scenery. It was nice to have that time for a relaxing walk. A few games were played in the afternoon and we did some prep work for the supper gathering. Most of the others arrived at supper time. We enjoyed an amazing dinner including Fred's fabulous sausage, Donny's  delicious cabbage rolls, fresh corn on the cob, salads, with lots of other food and all kinds of sweets for dessert. Let's just say we all loved every bit of it. The evening was spent chatting, playing some games and enjoying a campfire.
 Sunday was more cloudy so the heat wasn't quite as intense as it was Saturday. We enjoyed a wonderful brunch together that was a group effort to prepare. Cousin Pat and I spent some time at the hummingbird feeder to get some photos as they came to fill up on nectar. Some of those that had spent the night prepared to head back home while others were going to spend another night before heading out. Just after dinner we noticed a horse running loose so a few people headed to the nieghbours farm to try and help. It was one of Chad's horses and it bolted just as Chad was finishing his riding. They eventually caught it as it was a bit spooked as the saddle had slipped under its belly and was wrapped on one leg. There was quite a crowd that gathered to watch the excitement. Thankfully the horse was ok and had a cool bath before heading home. A few people played horseshoes and John's fun game of corn hole before they had to stop due to darkness. We spent the rest of the evening chatting before heading of to bed. It was a very muggy night until the thunderstorms rolled in and left behind much needed rain.
 Monday morning we packed up and had a short visit with Fred and Liz before heading home. It was a fabulous weekend and my only wish is for more of the cousins and their children to attend as we have so much fun. We would love to spend time with you and catch up on your family's adventures. Next year our theme will be Canada as our country will be celebrating our 150th anniversary. So, put on your thinking caps and see what wonderful costumes and creative ideas you can come up with to help with the festivities. Hope to see you as we celebrate this wonderful country we live in.

Group photo from last years Irish gathering

Nice to catch up with Bill

Northern Flicker from my walk

A rose from Liz's garden

I was able to get two of them together

Sunday evening driving lessons for the daughter

Beautiful lily in bloom

More practice with mom along for the ride

Song sparrow with a loose feather singing away

Hummingbird taking a rest on the feeder

Amish neighbours watching the horse that got loose

Taken after he was caught and given a cool bath

Evening reflection in his eye

Sunset on the sunflowers and garden

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