Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Port Burwell July 6-8, 2012

This was a very relaxing week-end. The weather was too
hot and humid to be doing much of anything. It was 41 C
with the humidity. Friday we enjoyed a swim in Lake Erie
before supper. We spent most of Saturday on the beach
enjoying the water and hiding under the beach umbrellas
from the sun & heat. Sunday I went for a hike in the woods
while Duncan had a rest before we headed home. We
always enjoy our week-ends at Port Burwell.

Pic's from a relaxing week-end!!!

The spiders were very busy working on their webs.

This tree is wearing its feelings on its bark.
How can we cheer you up?

Great old tree in the Port Burwell forest.

This butterfly was enjoying some rays while I hiked through
the woods.

Campsite companion for the week-end.
This was a young fella with a good appetite.

Can you find the frog hiding in the stones?

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