Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Pinery July 27-29 2012

Life is GOOD!
We had another great week-end away. Friday
evening we had some rain but we sure do need it.
Through the night there were loud thunderstorms
that rolled through but it was all clear and dry by
Saturday we headed down to the beach via the
Burley campground since we had not been
through there in the daylight. We walked the
beach and I took a number of pictures along
the way. We then headed to the visitors center
to see all the new exhibits that have been finished.
Next we enjoyed an ice cream while sitting on a
bench along the channel. There were lots of people
out canoeing on the water so we did some people
watching. We headed back to our site and relaxed
for a while before having dinner and enjoying an
evening campfire.
Sunday morning we went canoeing for a couple of
hours and headed to the beach for the afternoon.
The water was warm so we enjoyed our time in the
water before heading home late in the afternoon.
P.S. Some of the pictures below are with my old
camera. Can you tell the difference??

Out for a morning canoe ride.

Lily pads and flower on the channel.

A daddy long legs spider on the hydro post.

The ferns are all drying out with the lack of rain.

Painted Lady Butterfly with its wings closed.

Painted Lady Butterfly with it wings spread out.

Sunset on the grasses at the beach.

Evening sunset on the Beach.

Saturday evening sunset.

A blue heron wading in the channel.

A blue heron on a log on the Ausable Channel.

A couple of boats out on Lake Huron from the beach.

The beach umbrella's at the beach with the color pop
option on my new camera.

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