Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Clancy Reunion" Bruder Family Campground. Aug. 3-6, 2012

What a party!!!

I would like to thank Fred and Liz for sharing there
wonderful home and amazing property with all of us
so we could enjoy a great family reunion. A special thanks
goes out to cousin Pat for all of her correspondence with
all of us and her help to organize the reunion. I am sure
everyone will agree that we had a wonderful time and
we can't wait for next years reunion so we can
continue the reconnecting and enjoy all of the laughs
we had with each other this year.
Some families stayed for the day while others stayed for two
or three. Our three nights at your camp-out were a blast.
It was great looking at all the old photos that were shared
and learning more of our family history. Pat has worked
a long time to collect our ancestry information and
continues to trace our roots. I learned more interesting
facts and funny stories as the week-end passed.
We played some fun games, enjoyed many delicious
family meals together, sat by the campfire in the
evenings, laughed more and more and got less and
less sleep as the week-end progressed. We had so
much fun that we didn't want it to end.
By Tuesday evening we were going through withdrawal.
I think Fred was also because he called and left a funny
message on our answering machine. Duncan drove by
there on Wednesday but he couldn't give Fred the
corn cooking instructions as he wasn't home. You can
put it in anyway you like Fred. Depends on what kind
of mood your in as to which end goes first........
I could go on for ever about the week-end and all the
fun we had but I will finish by saying there are only
351 more sleeps until next years fun begins on Friday
July 26th for us early birds!!!

Thanks for the Memories

This is the Clancy gang all gathered for a family picture.
There were a few who did not make it for the photo but
were able to enjoy some of the week-end fun.

Fred and Liz. Our amazing and gracious hosts for the
week-end at the Bruder Campground. We are adding your
facilities to our list of places we want to stay on our
week-end travels. Thanks for the laughs we all shared
and your great hospitality.

Former home of Granny Clancy in Maryhill. Many
family gatherings were held here when we were young
children. The fun we had playing in the yard and collecting
chestnuts off the trees are just a few of my memories.

There were a few people who enjoyed the warm
nights out in there tents. Janet found a nice spot in
amongst the trees to set up her tent.

I won't mention any names but a couple of people were
busy filling there air mattress in the dark in the wee
hours of Monday morning.

Some had the comforts of home with there fifth wheel
& R.V. The hook-ups were well enjoyed during the hot
week-end we were lucky to have.

Fred built an outhouse for the week-end gathering and
completed it with a moon on the door that was lined
with screening to keep the bugs out.

Interior view of the stylish outhouse.
It came with art work and tap on, tap
off lights for the late night visitors.

Matthew, Sam and Aurora out playing in the veggie

Sophie getting a riding lawnmower lesson from Michael.
Matthew was brave enough to go along for the ride.

Janet had a large group all tangled up and they had to
work together to untangle themselves.

Ian and Drew enjoying one of the many games.This one
was renamed "testis toss" by one of the cousins.

Some Clancy's are know for there ability to sleep
anywhere at any time!!!

Joe and Deborah testing out the zero gravity chairs.

Sophie enjoying a climb in the tree with her cousin.

Graeme climbing in the maple tree. Brings back
memories of his dad in the trees.

Steve and Aurora enjoying some of the silly gifts that
were shared. Aurora had fun making bubbles in
Grampys drink.......

The kids enjoying sparklers and glow sticks.

Even the adults had some fun with the glow sticks!!!

A family photo.
I thought it best to use this one rather than the one
with the tongues sticking out and the finger horns
that were at the back of some of our heads.........

Morning surprise for Duncan & I to help us celebrate
our 30th Anniversary. Thanks to Janet for her love &

Nature in Arris

I was still able to get a few nature photos while enjoying
a great week-end with my cousins and there families.

Mennonites out on there Sunday visits.

Northern Flicker on an old post at the edge of the field.

Pumpkin blooms in the morning sun.

A view through the old farm gate.

Old metal wheels with dried grass and weeds make a
great photo.

Wooden wheels from the past.

The old cultivator put to rest as great "Yard Art".

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