Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Port Burwell, August 24-27 2012

Burwell, Birthday, Beach, Bacon & Beans.........

The five "B's" of the week-end...........
We had a great birthday week-end at the beach.
To celebrate Duncan's big day he decided he
needed to take a long week-end so we stayed
until Monday. Unfortunately it rained all that
day but it was relaxing. Saturday and Sunday
we spent our time on the beach and enjoyed the
great waves and warmth of the water. It was a hot
and humid w/e so the water was a welcome relief.
It is always so much fun to hang out at this beach.
I didn't do any trail hiking as all the walking on the
beach and playing in the water was enough for me.
We baked a pizza on the BBQ Sunday morning and
enjoyed it as an afternoon snack while soaking up
some rays at the beach. We were able to enjoy three
campfires but it was a little earlier to bed for a couple
of the nights. All that sun, sand and water makes for
a couple of tired people.
Duncan has been under the impression that I am
depriving him of bacon recently so I made sure he was
able to enjoy some cooked on the BBQ this week-end.
Can't have a celebration and not let him have his bacon!!!
I hope he enjoyed his Birthday w/e as much as I did.

The Birthday Boy!!!

Duncan enjoying a walk in the water.

Sunsets on Lake Erie

Note the double wind turbine.

Seagulls enjoying an evening flight.

Sunset on the edge.

Beach grass in the glow.

Sunset through the clouds.

A strange looking animal face in the tree.
Can you identify what it is?

Its looking a little like fall in the sunset light.

The historic 1840's lighthouse in the
evening sun. You can climb to the top
of it and take in the sights.

A modern version of the lighthouse on the break wall
down at the beach.

A sand castle in the evening light.
I love the little door on it.

There were lots of sand castles on the beach.
This one had the parks name on it.

There were lots of Beach Beans. They are toxic raw
but are edible once they are cooked.

A young Sandpiper that we met twice on the beach.
Once during the day on Saturday and then again
Sunday evening.

Beach grass in the evening sun.

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