Thursday, October 25, 2012

Memories of "MOM"

One of many large pots of Butter Nut Squash that will be cooked for our enjoyment over the winter.

Fall has arrived and it is time to get the squash cooked and into the freezer for the winter. This was an annual ritual in my home when I was growing up. As mom got older and the task of cutting and cooking the squash became tougher for her I took over the ritual. Mom would buy the squash by the bushels and I would do the cutting, cooking and freezing for both of us. It amazing how simple things can bring back a flood of wonderful memories. I am now carrying on this tradition by sharing the finished product with Ian and Brittany. Maybe some day many years down the road they will be taking over this ritual and it will bring them special memories of there own. It's fascinating how family traditions carry on from generation to generation.

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