Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

The days are slowly passing and the calendar is showing we have 13 more sleeps until Santa arrives. I can hardly wait!!! I have my shopping finished and the wrapping is complete. I have made my nut & bolts and the gingerbread, shortbread and peanut blossom cookies are baked. I still have a few batches of cookies to do but I have lots of time. Oh, I almost forgot I have butter tarts to make but those are always done the day I need them so that they are runny like everyone likes them. The house is decorated and the tree is sparkling with all its lights and decorations. I think all we need now is a coating of snow to arrive on the 24th and melt away on the    I am really a big kid at heart when it comes to Christmas and I can hardly wait for the day to arrive. I hope all your Christmas dreams come true and you have a wonderful day. May Santa be as good to you as he is with me.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.......

My new glass Downy Woodpecker ornament
This china sleigh with a lady and presents being pulled by two reindeer was given to mom from my dad on there first Christmas after they were married. It will be 60 years old next year. What is so amazing about it is that it survived all the years of the five kids growing up. It always sat on the coffee table and we were always told not to play with it. Little did she know that we would pull it up and down the table by pulling on the reindeer. There must have been a special angel looking after it as it never got broken. Memories of Christmas past!!!

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