Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mom's Lunch Walks

For many years now I have been part of a group of 4 ladies who call ourselves "Mom's Lunch". We acquired this name as it all started with a large group of mom's going out to lunch while our children where in primary school. Over the years the numbers dwindled until we were left with the best four of us.  We have continued to get together and enjoy many wonderful times over the years from lunches, dinners, shows, shopping, road trips, Christmas parties and now we have started to go hiking once a week. Our names are Maureen R., Nancy, Marty and Maureen M. For the past two weeks we have enjoyed our two hour hikes on local trails close by. Unfortunately Marty has been busy working and unable to join us but she will when her schedule permits. We hiked some of the great trails at Huron Woods and this past week we did a walk from Doon Golf Coarse along the river and over to the Pioneer Tower. It was a windy, snowy and cold walk this past week but we had lots of fun. Below are a few of the things we saw along the way.

Nancy checking out the fresh damage to a tree from a Pileated Woodpecker.

Even in late November there is young life growing in the forest

We met up with a Downy Woodpecker

One of the many ponds we passed on our journey through the woods

A beavers artwork on the trees

Maureen R. could fit in the hollow of this tree

Looking down on the Grand River

Sending Marty a text so she is part of our

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard Duck with busy beaver in the background

Pioneer Tower built in the early 1900's

Mennonite horse and wagon on the spire of the Pioneer Tower

On the flats down by the river

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