Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Arrowhead, Aug.30-Sept.2 2013

This was truly a family vacation. Drew, Ian and Brittany came with us for the long week-end. We had a good drive up and the traffic was moving well. Just after arriving we had a downpour so Duncan got a little wet filling with water. It rained lightly off and on most of the evening.
Saturday we drove into Algonquin park to take in some of the sights of this beautiful park. Unfortunately we didn't see any moose and Brittany didn't get to see a beaver. We had a late lunch and stopped at Ragged Falls for a while. We arrived back at camp to a yummy beef, potato and carrot supper that had been cooking in the crock pot while we were away but none of us were hungry. We went down to the lake for sunset and then enjoyed the rest of the evening at the fire. It was nice sitting at the fire and having our supper.
Sunday we went to the Mayflower lake and then hiked to Stubbs Falls to enjoy the sights and sound. Duncan always love sitting there and just listening to the water roaring over the rocks. We then headed into Huntsville for a waffle ice cream cone from the Kawartha Company. It was so good and the small cone was two large scoops. We headed back to camp and the kids enjoyed feeding the chipmunks sunflower seeds. They were like little vacuums filling there cheeks and running off to hide them. The three that were visiting were all given names. The first was woundy 1, then woundy 2 came along and then lumpy butt. The first two had sores on there faces and the third one had a lump above its tail. They were great entertainment. When the red squirrel came by he would go and hide the nuts and then the blue jay would take them from his hiding spots. It was quite funny at times to watch the antics between them all. We spent the evening relaxing by the fire and keeping an eye on the three toads that joined us for the evening.
Sunday we had breakfast and spent a bit of time relaxing before packing up and heading out for the  trip home. We stopped at Webers Hamburger's for a late lunch. The traffic was very slow at times so it was a 6 hr drive home. Once we we able to get off hwy 400 we were able to pick up speed and make much better time. It was nice spending the week-end with the kids. Thanks for sharing the week-end with us.
Memories From Arrowhead
Can you spot the Yellow Bellied Sapsucker?

Juvenile Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

This is woundy one Chipmunk

Reflections on Arrowhead Lake

Red Squirrel enjoying a peanut. Photo taken by Drew

Juvenile Hermit Thrush

Drew feeding lumpy butt

A molting Blue Jay

Ian feeding lumpy butt

Evening reflections on Arrowhead Lake

Sunset at the lake

Can you see the face in the fire?

Reflections on the river

This is a violet coloured Blewit Mushroom (edible)

View from the rocks beside Stubbs Falls

The spider that sat beside Brittany and scared her

Memories Of Our Algonquin Trip

Looking down from the visitor centre

The leaves are changing colour already

Blue Heron in a pond 

Hiking The Ragged Falls Trail
A hiking we will go.......
 Brown-spored mushroom (scaly pholiota)

Tree roots hugging a boulder

Light spored mushroom

Two Inukshuk at the top of Ragged Falls

Looking down at the Ragged Falls

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