Thursday, November 21, 2013

MacGregor Point, Nov. 16-17 2013

Sadly this will be our last adventure for the 2013th season. We have got to put Georgie to rest for the winter. Don't want to end up with frozen water lines!! We were able to prove cousin John wrong though as we had two more adventures after he said we wouldn't be going out any more.
Our final weekend was like an early fall trip as the temperatures were so nice. We had a high of 16c on Sunday and the sun was quite warm. We did however have to deal with very strong winds for most of Saturday and Sunday. Made for a two handed drive all the way home for Duncan. We enjoyed two wonderful long evenings at the campfire since it gets dark so early now.
Saturday we toured around and made a stop at the Southampton Bakery so we could bring John and Joanne a treat. Oh.....I forgot to mention we picked up a few things for ourselves as well. On our return to the park we went over by the Visitors Center and the pond area. I was lucky enough to get some pictures of the Spruce Grouse that was hanging around under the spruce trees. That was my first up close encounter with a Grouse. I was able to get within about 5 feet of her. We met up with John and Joanne to tour the reno work on the house and to enjoy dinner at the Fusion Restaurant. I must admit we ate too much but it was sooo good we just couldn't help ourselves. If your talking to John be sure to ask him how he says black pepper
Sunday we slept in and enjoyed our last morning of the camping season having our usual Sunday breakfast. I spent time with some of natures friends while Duncan gave Georgie a quick bath before we put it in storage for the winter. Sunday there were wind warnings out and we sure experienced them. Our drive home was very windy and wet at times. Duncan did an amazing job of fighting the gusts that were rocking us at times as we hit cross winds or when we were driving right into them. After arriving home we winterized all the lines so we don't have to worry about any of them freezing now. I have been busy taking things out so we can store it for the winter.
We certainly had another year of amazing fun and firsts. We have really enjoyed our new cottage and I will miss our weekends out on the road exploring the beautiful parks and wild life this province has to offer. Just think in just over one month we will start to book next years adventures. If you would like to have some fun be sure to get out and enjoy nature and all it has to offer.

MacGregor's Natural Beauty
Mrs. Dear and her two young ones

A rare sight of a six hitch horse team north of Wroxeter

Snow drifts north of Hwy # 9

View from our campsite

Fridays sunset from the back of our site

Blue Jay waiting for the right time to get its peanut

Mr. Cardinal came to check things out. Mrs was to shy for a photo

A great Christmas card photo of the Chickadee

Dark-eyed Junco near dusk at the boardwalk

Chickadee enjoying a sunflower seed

Mr Red Squirrel looking for a snack

Fall reeds at the pond

Mrs. Red-breasted Nuthatch was quite vocal at times

The Mr. wondering what all the noise was about

My first photo of a female Spruce Grouse

She has amazing feather patterns

A sunny warm day on Sunday

There were lots of lady bugs enjoying the warmth

Mennonite traffic on the way home

Reno Update
The cupboards are in the kitchen now

Lots more storage space with this addition
Main floor bathroom with tall cupboards
Is Joanne going to be able to fill them?

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