Friday, January 3, 2014


 I wish all of you a happy, healthy and exciting New Year. 
May 2014 be the best we have ever experienced and I wish you
 memorable adventures out in mother nature and all her beauty.

OH BABY, it's cold outside.
We have rung in the new year and the weather has brought us some of the coldest temperatures we have had in years. But even with this bitter cold there is always something positive that comes from it. I grabbed my camera and took some interesting frost pictures as well as some of the birds all puffed out trying to keep warm.

Ice crystals at sunrise on the storm door
A closer look at some of them

Ice crystals and frost after sunrise

Ice crystals on the garage window in late morning

Almost looks like the moon in the background

Natures forest and skyline
A squirrel playing peek-a-boo

Dark eyed junco with ice on her back

A yellow finch powder puff.....

A house finch is lecturing the junco on just who's perch this is

Ms. Cardinal with a frosty back in this frigid cold

Mr. Cardinal with frost tips

8 am
 Temp. -23°C
Feels like -30
This sets a new record for this day, Brrrrrrr

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