Friday, January 17, 2014

Polar Vortex

We learned a new phrase in the weather this year and we finally got out of those bitter cold temperatures. I was able to get out in the woods for a 2 1/2 hour walk this week.  It was so nice to spend time out in nature and soak up some of the wonderful rays of sunlight. I had been walking with my Mom's Lunch group at an indoor track because of the extreme cold. It has been rejuvenating to be able to get out and spend time in the woods. They are calling for another polar vortex to descend upon us next week so I had better plan on another hike early in the week. Hope the New Year is treating you as well as it is me. We have started to book our adventures for this year. I am being very optimistic that we will have an early spring so we can get on the road again. Oh, only 7 more weeks till our granddaughter  arrives!!!  :o}

Frost crystals in the early morning light

Mr. Cardinal trying to keep warm

Looks like an outdoor scene

Ms. Downy Woodpecker waiting for her turn at the suet

Chrystal necklace

Ms. Cardinal braving the winds for a treat

This squirrel found a peanut buried in the snow

The suns twinkle on the frost crystals

A one legged Dark-eyed Junco
A little spring fever between black and grey squirrel!

A Walk In The Woods
Reflections at the pond

Muskrat lodges

Bear face in the wood of a tree

Golden leaves and shadows

Looks like a sheet of glass

Mr. Downy enjoying the warm weather

Tree of many faces. How many can you see?

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