Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Squatter On Our Land

I noticed a rather small hole in the back lawn last week and one day the little Miss showed up when I was sitting outside enjoying the sunny warm day we finally were having. I decided I would try and get a few pictures if she would cooperate. She was a little timid at first but with time I almost had her eating out of my hand. Peanuts always seem to help when trying to convince them to come closer. She was more trusting if I was sitting rather than standing. It was interesting to watch her as she went through her little rituals. She always just peeked out of the hole before coming up and she washed her paws almost always once she was out of her hole. She would wash up after eating as well. Some of the time she would sit and enjoy the treats and others she would just fill her cheeks and crawl back down into her burrow drop them off and be back for more. I enjoyed watching as much as she enjoyed the nuts.
Just making sure it was safe to move closer

She was collecting some nesting materials

Peeking out to make sure it is safe to come up

Enjoying one of the nuts 

She closes her eyes and enjoys every bit of it

Ahhhh, its all gone

Must wash my paws with my wee tongue

Time to fill my cheek and store some of these

Heading back to my burrow

Down the hole I go

Hi, I'm back for more treats.......

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