Sunday, April 20, 2014

Special Easter Visit

We were given a special Easter treat this year. We had two bunnies visit us and one had a special wee gift in the backyard. I had noticed that she was acting a little strange and was doing lots of preening and before we knew it she had a little kit lying on the lawn. Mommy bunny was trying to keep the other bunny away from her little one and so we witnessed many chases between her and the other bunny. At times the fur was literally flying. This is one Easter I am not going to forget for a long time. Baby Emma visited and a newborn bunny all on one week-end. What Easter treat could be better?

Two bunnies in the backyard

Mommy bunny in the garden

Baby kit just after being born

Moving around and getting its legs under itself

Starting to sit up like a bunny and its ears are starting to stand up
What a wee thing it was

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