Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Point Farms May 23-25 2014

Guess what we enjoyed this weekend? If you don't know, you will find out when you look at the photos I have posted. It was a gorgeous weekend and we went for our first long walk on the beach. We were not brave enough to test the water yet but there were some kids in swimming. Parts of the park were very wet as there has been lots of rain up there. Our site was dry and we enjoyed some relaxing time by the campfire. We took a drive up to Pine River to get our stock of cheese that we enjoy so much. They also had my favorite hot chocolate which is French Vanilla Cappuccino so I bought there last 5 packages. The sunsets along Lake Huron are the best and they certainly were amazing on the weekend. I was able to get a photo of a Indigo Bunting for the first time. It is not a close up but I can say I was thrilled to see it. There were many Gray Catbirds and American Redstarts in the park. It is very obvious how the Catbird got its name as it does sound like a cat meowing. It was nice to see how the square in Goderich looks now that it is finished and the grass has all filled in. They have done a great job of re-doing everything after the tornado went through 2 years ago. We enjoyed a Saturday morning walk through the market and visited a few of the stores. We always stopped at a pond just north of the park as there is usually a good chance of getting some photos of the wildlife that live there but this weekend there was no one at home. We always look forward to our trip to Point Farms and we are never disappointed.

Sunsets, Sights and Treats........
Shades of green everywhere in the park

Gray Catbird with it rusty tail feathers showing

Turkey Vulture ready for take-off

The harbour in Goderich must be a fishing hotspot right 
now as there were many boats out in the water

Culberts famous donuts
There is nothing as good as these treats, YUMMY!!!

Friday evening sunset overlooking the lake

Setting sun rays on an old stump

Female American Redstart 

Wild strawberries growing by the park road

Indigo Bunting singing away in the tree

A front view of the Indigo Bunting

Saturday evening sunset from on the ridge

Red sky at night, a sailors delight

Huge Bracket Fungus in the morning sun

Bumble Bee doing its thing....

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