Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pinery, May 30 - June 1, 2014

Wow, our first summer like weather weekend. We were in shorts all weekend as it was hot and humid but I will never complain after the long cold winter we had. Its always fun to be at the Pinery as there is lots to do and see. While we were filling with water I got out to see what I could see and I spotted a wee tiny nest in a small tree just off the road. Inside was a Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher sitting on her eggs. Duncan was amazed that I was able to find it as it was so small and hard to find even after I knew where it was. We made a few trips to the nest during the weekend just to check it out. The parents take turns sitting on the eggs so I was able to see them change positions on the nest. Friday we went to Grog's for fish & chips dinner as my cousin John had mentioned that they have stopped there and it was good. We hiked a few trails, checked out the pond area, spent time at the Ausable Channel and were at the Visitors Center. On Saturday evening after dinner we drove the 14 km loop around the park and I spotted a deer in the woods. This is the first one we have seen there in a few years. We stopped at the beach and watched the sunset before heading back to camp to enjoy a fire. Sunday was another busy day out exploring and Duncan spotted a Red-Headed Woodpecker so we watched it for a while. This is only the second time we have seen one and it was great to be able to observe it flying from tree to tree. We will be back to the Pinery in the fall to enjoy all the park has to offer.
He loves me, he loves me not......

Only one swan and it hangs out with the geese

Friday's sunset through the trees

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on the nest

Underside of Dryad's Saddle Fungi

Strawberry Columbine throughout the Carolinian Trail

We had to watch out for this Painter's turtle crossing the road

It is safe in the grass now

Tree seed pods in the evening glow

A buck out on a late evening stroll

Monkey mouth on the tree

Working its magic on the wildflowers

Black Morel sac fungi, edible

Saturday evening sunset through the beachgrass

Red-headed Woodpecker

Dragonfly on a lilypad at the channel

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher voicing there opinion.
These birds are 11 cm long
Everything is growing and blooming

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