Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Port Burwell, July 4-6 2014

Well, we finally made it to Port Burwell for a weekend of sun, fun and relaxation on the beach. We always enjoy our time at this park because we spend so much time at the beach listening to the waves roll in. It was a warm and humid weekend so the breeze was great for being at the beach as well as causing lots of surf. Saturday we took a drive into Port Burwell and were surprised to see a few hundred motorcycles in town for a fundraiser and concert at the legion. We enjoyed two wonderful warm evenings at the campfire which is always so relaxing for both of us. Whats better than the crackle of a fire and Duncan with a tea and me with a flavoured hot chocolate. I could do this every evening of the year if it was possible. Sunday morning I went for a hike on the Ravine Trail and found lots of fungus growing throughout the forest. We spent the afternoon at the beach before heading home late in the afternoon.

There were lots of young bunnies enjoying the greens

Evening sunset through the trees at our site

Caterpillar on a tree on our site

Killdeer down by the beach

One of 5 Turkey Vultures resting in the trees

Surfs up on the lake this weekend

Flowers in bloom at the park

Light spored fungus on my hike

Lots of this bracket fungus on the log

Turkey Vulture flying overhead

View from the lookout on the beach trail

I put my lens cap on the fungus so you could see how large it is

Close up of the large bracket fungus
Frog on a log along the creek

There were lots of Caspian Terns on parts of the beach

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