Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Point Farms, Sept. 5-7 2014

 Hazy, hot and humid was the order of the day until the storm rolled in at supper time. That was just fine with us as we had planned an indoor dinner and a relaxing evening. The storm was not that bad and it was only for a few hours. We lucked out and missed the worst of it.
 Saturday morning when I headed outside I was shocked to find our site covered in tiny mushrooms that had grown overnight. What was more surprising was that but mid afternoon they were all wilted away. We made our usual run into Goderich to get what is most likely our last fill of scrumptious Culbert's donuts for this year. We also walked through the market to pick up a few veggies and did a slow drive along the beach to see the waves after the storm. Now it was time to head up to Pine River Cheese and stock up on some of our favourite cheeses. Unfortunately for me they were all out of Emmental so I picked up a new flavour that we will take with us this weekend on our trip to Perth. I will write an update next week on how the gang enjoyed it. We passed by the pond area to check out the bird activity but again it was void of any action. They must have been hiding or out on there own adventures. After doing a little exploring of the park we had a wee rest before enjoying a wonderful dinner. I headed to the sunset lookout area to watch the magnificent sunset before we set flame to our evening campfire. It was one of the hottest fires we have had and we had to keep our distance. It was by no means a sweater night!!!
 Sunday morning we enjoyed some leisure time at the cottage before enjoying our usual yummy breakfast of sausage, toast and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and peppers. To make it even better we had fresh tomato's from our garden. After cleaning and packing up we parked the motor home and headed into town to check out some of the sights. The water at the beach was very calm and there were many people enjoying the sun and warmth of the day. I went for a walk along the railway trail that crosses over the Maitland River and was able to watch two osprey as they did some afternoon fishing. It was quite amazing to watch one of them struggle to try and get the fish it had caught out of the water. In the end it was to big and it flew away empty clawed. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I was able to get a few photos but I was quite a distance away. It was great to be able to watch them as they soared and fished. This is certainly a memory I will cherish. We headed back to the park to spend some time at the beach soaking up the warm sunny day and listening to the waves roll in before we had to say good-bye to Point Farms until next year. I always enjoy our time spent in "The Prettiest Town in Ontario".

Mushroom surprise in the morning

It amazing how small it started

Fully opened with grains of sand on it

Fallen over with a new one in the background

Underside as it is wilting

Turning black and shriveling up

Waves at the beach in Goderich Saturday Morning

Blue Heron at the pond

Flowering Hibiscus at the cheese store

Close up of the middle of the flower

Cedar-waxwing all fluffed up

Now its doing a little preening

We saw this sign on a car at the beach and we both 
thought it would be a good one for cousin

Saturday evening sunset

A later view through my eye

Canadian Spear Thistle going to seed

Most of the seed has blown away

Mallard doing a yoga stretch....

Osprey trying to get a fish out but lost the fight

Flying to try and find another fish below

Diving in for a successful catch

I love these wild orchid flowers

One legged stance at the beach

Doing a neck stretch during preening

Ooooops.... I pulled one out

I'll be more careful with this one

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