Thursday, September 25, 2014

Port Burwell, Sept 19-21 2014

What a great weekend! The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed lots of adventures on our last trip to Port Burwell for this year. Friday was warm and we enjoyed a wonderful pasta dinner and an evening at the campfire.
  Saturday we traveled up to Talbotville to make a stop at Picard Peanuts. We then ventured on to Pinafore Park in St. Thomas. They have some amazing gardens and I was able to get a few photos of them as well as a pheasant. After leaving the park we headed to Port Stanley for a tour of the town. The water was very rough and there we lots of people out trying there luck at surfing. Not something I would want to be doing considering the waves and undertow. We then traveled through Port Bruce on our trip back to Port Burwell. After a bit of relaxation we enjoyed a delicious dinner which included squash baked on the bbq. It is the best way to enjoy squash. After dinner we headed down to the beach for sunset and spent the rest of the night at our campsite taking in the warmth and glow of the fire.
  Sunday we had a relaxing morning and after packing up we headed down to the beach on a search for Monarch butterflies. We were able to see a few of them as they are migrating south for the winter. I was also able to capture a few pictures of the big dragonflies that very rarely land. Lucky for me there were quite a number of them as they are also making there way south.  I waited patiently and was rewarded with one landing for a few minutes. The water was still very rough so we were not able to enjoy any time wading into it. By about 3:30 the dark clouds started to roll in so we decided it was time to head home. We passed through a bit of rain on our way home and it was raining when we were unpacking but we had a great sunny weekend away.

This butterfly greeted us at the filling station

Feather with water drops in the evening sun

Early sunset from behind the beach grass

There were lots of deer prints on the beach

Sunset from the boardwalk
Memories from Pinafore Park
Sunflowers in the garden

Pheasant in his coat of many colours

What an interesting face

Pretty in red

Yellow jacket doing its work

Birds head in the tree bark

Still lots of blooms to come

A little boy with his arm up on the bark

This reminds me of dog and a mouse 
with a dress and hat from a cartoon

Waves crashing on the pier in Port Stanley

A beautiful day with rough waters

Milkweed releasing it seed pods

Large mushroom with oak leaves

Seagull doing the two step at the beach

Rough waters Sunday at the park

Carolina Saddlebags Dragonfly

Quite amazing to see close up

Monarch's on the move to southern warmth

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