Friday, November 21, 2014


The snow came early and it snowed and snowed. If that wasn't bad enough mother nature added winds up to 70 km per hour to the mix and we had temperatures down to almost -20. After 4 days of this we are now going to temperatures around 10 degrees by Monday with lots of rain to go along with this crazy week we have had. It did however give me a chance to get a few early winter pictures of the birds and there is still a month until winter officially arrives.

Tall grasses covered in wet snow

These European Starling must have known the snow was coming as they
arrived and cleaned off most of the berries from the euonymus tree

Closing its eyes in the strong winds

Chickadee hanging on tight
The tree was a busy resting place in the storm
Mr. Cardinal braving the weather for a few seeds

Black squirrel must be hungry

A line up waiting for there turn at the feeder

Mourning dove finding anything that gets dropped

Good gel or the wind is just to much....

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