Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inverhuron, May 15-18 2015


 We were looking forward to the time when we could take Emma on an adventure with us but we sure didn't think it would happen this early. Lucky for us, but unfortunate for her parents. Ian and Brittany both came down with severe strep throats, high fevers as well as Brittany having an eye infection. So we took Emma with us so that they could try and fight this off and get the rest they both desperately needed. It was Emma's first outing away from them and she did amazingly well. It was the grandparents who were running out of gas as the end of the weekend came. I am so looking forward to having her again as she was lots of fun!!!
 We left later than usual on Friday so we arrived and set up camp and had our supper and spent the evening playing with Emma. She went down about 9 and we headed to bed at 10 as it was going to be a early morning.
 Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast that included fresh asparagus and headed into Inverhuron to pick up Duncan's brother Rod and head to Teeswater to buy cheese at the Gay Lea factory. We then went back to Rod's cottage for a visit. We were all going out for supper with John, Joanne, Kristin and Kevin so we went back to camp by 2 so Emma and the two of us could have a nap before our evening adventure to Southampton. We enjoyed the company and the food. Emma sat through supper and then wanted down to go to the front door at the restaurant so she could wave at the people walking by. The people were gracious and some waved back to her. She really loves to watch people. We went for a visit back at the house and headed home by 9 as Emma was getting tired. Back at camp she got a second wind for a while but was sound asleep by 10.
 Sunday we hung out in the park and hiked on the waterfront trail. We enjoyed a delicious bbq'd dinner. Emma was quite happy hanging out on the steps of the motorhome. Either the inside or outside ones. We also had a 2 step stool that she spent lots of time playing at. 
Monday we played outside for a while before we packed up and headed home just before noon. She slept for about 1/2 an hour and the rest of the ride she entertained herself or looked out the window and watched the world go by. She was happy to be back at our house and glad to see Uncle Drew. We had a wonderful weekend away even though it is tiring looking after such a precious wee one again. I am sure Emma will be glad to join us again on another adventure.
P.S. Please note there was not much time for bird watching this weekend. We had a great Emma watching weekend which was even better!!!

All ready to go camping

Waiting to have breakfast

The lake is very calm and foggy

 Heavy fog Saturday morning

Emma visiting with great uncle Rod

Emma's favourite seat outside. 
Time to take the shoes off to go inside

Checking out the garden at John and Joannes

Emma loved to play with her stacking toy

Seeing how much she can carry

Cape May Warbler on our walk
A first for me!!

Heavy dew on the trees

Out on the trails

Looking out over the water on our hike

Wild strawberry columbine along the trail

Emma and I came back to a yummy supper after a walk

Pressing her face upon the screen

Blue jays came for their peanuts

Emma's reading material for on the ride
A funny pic we sent to mom and dad to cheer them up.

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