Thursday, August 25, 2016

Port Burwell Aug.19-21 2016

 We enjoyed the wonderful beach and waters that Port Burwell had to offer this weekend. The water was amazingly warm and quite calm on Saturday so we went swimming and enjoyed the afternoon at the beach. It was another very humid weekend so the water was a great way to cool off. I don't remember the lake ever being this warm before. We were suppose to get heavy rain and thunder on Saturday evening but we lucked out again and it passed us by so we were able to enjoy two wonderful evening by our campfire. I went for a few hikes and was able to observe a number of birds traveling through the trees as they searched for insects to eat. I watched a Black and White Warbler for a while but was not able to photograph it unfortunately. Saturday I went to the information session on "Feathered Friends". I was able to make Emma an owl out of a pine cone and paper. She really liked it when I gave it to her on Monday. Sunday we spent the afternoon at the beach but we didn't go swimming as the water was very rough. It was a very windy day so we went walking and sat on the beach instead. The wind surfers looked like they were having a great time out on the lake. We always enjoy our time at this park and there is a great ice cream store in town that offers a huge variety of flavours so we often indulge in a treat while we are there. Its nice to have a great park that is such a short distance from home.

Waters edge at sunset

Common Terns in the evening light

Beach art is always interesting

Setting sun through the beach grasses

Lucky shot of the gull passing by the setting sun

I loved this owl tent

Sanderling Sandpiper at the beach

Grasshopper at the beach

Wading in the water at sunset

Natures face of a dog in driftwood

 This Least Sandpiper was hanging out with the Sanderlings

Canada Goose blowing bubbles

Busy doing some preening

I'm a little shy.....Note the feather on its nose

Catbird with lunch for the young ones

Vine showing affection for the

Blackburnian Warbler, a first photo for me

Blackburnian Warbler taking flight
Wind surfer out on the rough lake
Ring Billed Gulls at the waters edge

Bonaparte's Gulls

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