Friday, September 2, 2016

Bronte Creek, Aug. 26-28 2016

 It was not our first choice for this weekend get away but we had to attend a memorial gathering on Saturday at cousin Natalie's house for Uncle Bob who passed away earlier this year. It was a sad reason to gather but it was wonderful to see all the cousins and the Aunts and Uncles. We traveled down to the Bronte Creek Harbour on Friday and Sunday to check out the sites. It is a beautiful harbour with lots of boats. Our friend Mike would have been drooling over all the big boats that were moored at the marina. I was able to get some wonderful pictures of a pair of young cormorants as they preened on a break wall. We enjoyed two wonderful evenings by the campfire and I was able to go on a few hikes at the park. We headed out at 2 o'clock on Sunday as it was to hot and humid to be out hiking around in the afternoon. Unfortunately we got held up in bumper to bumper traffic on the 401 heading home. There was a bad accident in the east bound lanes and everyone going west bound had to slow down to check it out. We will be staying home for Labour Day weekend and will be having Emma for a sleepover so that will be fun. Looking forward to our next adventure up to Point Farms and the Pioneer Threshers Reunion in Blythe.

Bronte Creek Harbour
Swans out on the lake in the evening sun

Double-crested Cormorants preening

Must be a yoga pose its trying out....

Flowers blooming along the trail
This was on our site when we arrived. 
Duncan said it was a sign his mom was around
Ahhhhh choo..... Must have a feather in my nose

A slug enjoying the coral fungi

Beauty in the morning sunlight

Cormorant with water droplets
Caught in the

Busy collecting nectar 

Young Cardinal getting his red colours

Some of the many boats at the harbour

The geese were even panting in the heat

Pretty in purple along the trail

Paddling through the water
Canada Goose stretching in the heat
Can you find the two photo bombers?

Lighthouse at the harbour

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