Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinery May 4-6 2012

We headed out for our first trip of the year.
It sure was nice to be back camping again.
We were both anxious to get back on the road
again. Canoeing was going to be a new adventure
to add to our enjoyment at the parks. Our first
trip was a dry one. Not so lucky the second time.
We ended up tipping the canoe and getting a little
wet. Thank goodness we were close to shore so it
wasn't to bad. I think Duncan is going to have to
work on his balance a little bit.......
We enjoyed a wonderful campfire and our tea and
hot chocolate just seemed to taste better sitting by
the fire.

Photos from the Pinery

Our first campsite of the season

Duncan enjoying our first canoe trip on the
upper channel

Maureen canoeing on the lower channel

This raccoon had been enjoying a drink at the
edge of the channel when we canoed up to get
a better view of it

Painter Turtle out sunbathing. There were
many of them enjoying the great weather.

Lily pads and a great view to the bottom of
the Ausable Channel

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