Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rondeau May 11-13 2012

Was nice to be back at Rondeau. The park has lots of
trails to bike and hike. We hiked about 4 km of trails
and did an 11 km bike ride down to the point. This was
the first time we headed to the rocky point and it was lots
of fun. I was able to pick up a new piece of driftwood for
the garden on our stroll along the long sandy beach on the
Lake Erie side of the park. There were many birders out
with their cameras trying to capture great shots of all the
migrating birds. I was able to get a few of the Baltimore
Oriole and the Rose Breasted Grosbeak. It was hard to
get good pictures as the tree's had leaved out so much.
At our campsite we were kept entertained by a pair of
chipmunks. One had almost no tail and they seemed to
enjoy chasing each other around. At one point one of
them ran right into the bottom of my foot trying to get
away from the other. Rondeau is know for Sassafras and
Tulip trees. The Tulip trees bloom in June so we will have
to see that on another visit. We enjoyed another great
adventure and the weather was sunny and warm.

Photo's from Rondeau

Sunset through a tree on Friday

There were many "Jack in the Pulpit"
flowers along the Spice Trail.

A lambs head poking out of the tree!!!

Duncan said this reminded him of a leaf when
he saw it. I am off to a good start of finding
new fungus for my photo collection.

The largest fungus I have found since we
started our travels. The color was amazing.

A view of the rocky shoreline from
the point as we biked the trail.

While I was walking the beach I saw this
large fish swimming right by the shore.
Does anyone know what kind it is??