Thursday, January 24, 2013

Arista Looks OK

I got a call this afternoon from Brittany asking what street our motor home is parked on for the winter.  She then started to describe the house where it is parked. She then informed me that the house was on fire and I should check her twitter for a picture. Well the picture confirmed that it was where Arista is parked for the winter. Fortunately it is parked far enough away that it should be OK. We drove out and spent the next few hours with Jim and Susan as they tried to grapple with the reality that there house was gone. None of us were able to get close enough to check our motor home but it looks fine. We will have to check it out tomorrow and see if there is any smoke damage. My hearth aches for Jim and Susan. I can't imagine what she must have felt as she drove home to find her home that she designed and had built burning to the ground. My heart aches for her. Below are a few pictures I was able to post.

This was taken in mid afternoon

Arista is visible to the left in this picture

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