Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BRRRRRR It's Cold Outside

It must be January as the temperatures are bone chilling. We are in a deep freeze this week and with highs of -12 and lows in the mid -20's it is just too cold for me to be out. I have been busy keeping the bird feeders full and watching who is coming to refuel there bodies so they don't freeze in this arctic air. I have enjoyed a few new visitors that have not been here before. There are about 8 Common Redpolls that have been here for a few weeks and the other new visitor is a White-Winged Crossbill. He has been by on two different days that I have noticed in the past week. With all his amazing colours he is very easy to spot when he arrives. Below are a few of the wonderful things  I have enjoyed over the past few weeks.

Male Common Redpoll

Female Common Redpoll

Female Dark Eyed Junco

A male House Finch that is more white than red.
Trying to figure out how to get seed 
out of the squirrel proof feeder
Mourning Dove in the apple tree

All puffed out and napping on the fence
An afternoon visit from Mrs. Cardinal
A rainbow of colour on the male White-Winged Crossbill.

What a strange beak you have but you are beautiful

Some of Winters Beauty
Waters edge with ice on the pond

Bird prints in the fresh snow

Snow on the driftwood in the garden

Bunny must have visited through the night

Snow on the remains of the clematis flowers

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