Sunday, April 7, 2013


A hiking I will go....... it was a long hike this week. Just over 3 hours but well worth it. We hiked over 13 kms through a snow storm that blew in on Wednesday morning. At times the sun shown but for most of the time it was snowing. We made a brief stop at Tim's to enjoy a warm drink. By the time we were hiking our last bit on the way home most of the snow was melting and it was sunny and warm. What a great morning to be out enjoying what may be the last of this winter.

Snowy start to the day

My macro lens at work

Snowflakes on the back door window

Amazing to see all the detail
Each one is different and unique
The green in the forest is starting to appear

I even found some fungus...........

This Killdeer didn't want his picture taken

Mr. Mallard in the fresh snow

His beak looks like plastic to me

A great place to build a nest

Winters beauty

After arriving home Downy was in the pear tree

Hanging on tight in the strong winds

Puffed up and trying to snooze

I'm sure this fella will be heading north soon

Sure signs that spring is in the air
Arrival of the Grackles
The Goldfinch are getting there bright yellow colours

Love is in the air
The males are busy sharing food with there gals

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