Sunday, April 14, 2013


What a week it has been. It started off with an 11km hike on Tuesday with a nice day and a great walk in the surrounding neighbourhood and slowly deteriorated from there. Wednesday we had torrential rain and by Thursday it had changed to freezing rain. We awoke to everything covered in significant ice by Friday morning and shortly after that we were without power for the morning. By mid afternoon the temperature had risen enough for the ice to melt but the damage had been done. Many were without power and the tree damage was significant in the area. Saturday we went to Anna Mae's for lunch with the family and there were many trees down along the way. Hydro crews were busy working to repair broken hydro poles and the sound of the generators running in Millbank was prevalent. Today, I woke to the brightness of the sun and the sound of a robin singing. Lets hope this is the beginning of warmth and sunny days ahead.

Memories Of The Week
Mallard Duck at at one of the neighbourhood ponds

Red-winged blackbird at the pond

Mr. & Mrs. Mallard out for a walk just like us!!!

Ice on the cedar tree

Dark-eyed Junco hanging on tightly to the slippery branch

Ice encrusted branches

Bad hair day for Grey Squirrel......
Downy Woodpecker having to work extra 
hard to get through the ice to find some food

Much easier work at the suet feeder

Ice art in the garden

Braving the weather for some lunch

Waiting for the Mr. to deliver a treat

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