Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Awenda, June 28 - July 1 2013

Hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day long week-end.
We had a restful week-end after our busy week-end last week. Unfortunately I have pulled some muscles in my upper shoulder and I was not up to doing to much hiking. On Saturday we met up with friends and went to Point Severn for lunch and spent some time at the locks watching the boats pass through. We then headed to Big Chute to see how they take the boats out of the water to transfer them into the other lake. That was cool to watch. Saturday evening we drove to Kettle Lake and on the way we came across a mommy dear and her twin fawns. That was special to watch. The rest of the evening was spent in front of the campfire.
We hiked one trail on Sunday but my shoulder was to sore to do much of anything else. Therefore the rest of the week-end was spent relaxing at our campsite. We did see a few special things on the week-end and the photos of them are below.

We had our flag out to celebrate!!!

A Yellow Bellied Sapsucker feeding her baby

The baby enjoying a dragon fly mom brought

A Wood Thrush searching for food in the leaves

This chipmunk is praying I give him more

The water flow beside the locks at Point Severn

A boat going through the locks

This heron landed on the bridge at the locks
Taking off to try some fishing at the waters edge

Walking over to the waters edge

Looking for a fish for lunch

A boat getting in the carrier at Big Chute

It is now being lifted over the road and down to the lower lake

Almost down to the lower lake

The fawns are nursing at the edge of the road

Mom has decided its time to move across the road

The little ones are checking me out

Mom's keeping her eye on the fawns

The reeds at the edge of Kettle Lake

Things we saw on our Beaver Trail Hike
Fungus growing on a moss covered log

The wild berries along the trail

Velvety bracket fungus

Beautiful purple wild flowers

A male American Redstart singing his song

There were lots of boat out on the lake and moored at the island

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