Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Point Farms, July 19-21 2013

We had a wonderful week-end and got our fill of Culbert's donuts. We have had a very busy week so far and there are still lots of things to get done. This week-end is the Clancy reunion at the Bruder's Campground. I have food to prepare and my sister will be arriving tomorrow for a visit before the week-end so I am going to let the pictures tell the story of our time at Point Farms. Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for the announcement coming soon...............

 Storm moving in over Lake Huron on Friday afternoon

View from the beach in Goderich as the storm approaches 

Branches down along Hwy 21 by Point Farms
 Sights from the pond
There were two Green Herons for a brief moment

Sunlight on the bull rushes at the ponds edge
Female Belted Kingfisher

Mom and juvenile Kingfisher

A flower amongst the tall grasses

A blue heron way up in a tree

Reflections in the pond

Saturday's Adventures
They're moving the old train station in Goderich

One of the many cars at the car show in town

Here's looking at you........

Flowers along the old railway trail

A blue heron fishing in the river

Down the hatch it goes

Sweet Pea's growing on the edge of the trail

Sunset at Point Farm's 

Sunset from up on the ridge by our campsite

 Sunday's visitor and beach time
This spider built a web on our car

Close up of the green spider

View of the lake through the beach grass

Things we found by our spot at the beach

Spotted Sandpiper at the waters edge

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