Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Inverhuron, Aug. 22-24 2014

What a wonderful relaxing weekend we enjoyed. Nothing like spending time with family and all of natures beauty to rejuvenate ones body and soul. Most of our time was spent enjoying the sights and sounds at our campsite. We did take a drive into Southampton so that I could order more of my delicious hot chocolate, pick up fresh veggies and to pick up our dinner at the Enchanted Fusion. We spent the remainder of Friday enjoying the crackle and flicker of the campfire. Saturday morning was spent enjoying some of natures creatures.  We had chipmunks, a red squirrel that I hand fed, blue jays that we very friendly, a number of birds and a young red breasted grosbeak that would come and eat seeds with me sitting right beside them. We also had company join us. Drew, Ian, Brittany and precious Emma came for lunch and to also introduce Emma to beach time before the weather cools off. It was warm, humid and overcast so it was a great afternoon to enjoy the beach. Unfortunately Emma was not impressed with Lake Huron's cool water. Ian tried a few times to get her into the water but the reaction was the same both times. It's too cold, Daddy!!! She did enjoy watching the wee waves rolling in and spending time on the blanket. We had lots of fun entertaining her with hats, keys and sunglasses. Emma is now sitting up on her own so that made for some good picture opportunities. Emma was quite content to have her nap at the beach as well. We visited for a bit back at the campsite before they headed off on there trip back to Kitchener. Seems Emma was a good traveler as this was a test run for there trip to Virginia in October. Saturday evening was a repeat performance of enjoying a campfire. Sunday we enjoyed a quiet time at our site with lots of the parks feathered and furry friends before heading up to Southampton and Port Elgin for an afternoon of shopping. We ran into Nancy & John Ouellette at the mall in Port. Duncan use to coach their son Ben softball. They were camping at MacGregor. We then headed back to Inverhuron to hook up and head home. We certainly loved our leisurely week-end away.

Chickadee trying to carry away a peanut

My first photo of the Red Eyed Vireo that shows the eyes

Red Squirrel eating a peanut on his perch

Female Downy Woodpecker

Red Squirrel coming for a peanut. A first for me.

Emma loves to hang onto her toes

Trying out the water in Lake Huron

Its too cold Daddy..... : o (

All bundles up in her duck towel

Nap time at the beach

Beach baby wearing Pop's hat

Emma trying out Pop's

Looking good in her hat and sunglasses

 Trying on Pop's sandals for size

Always wanting to hang onto her feet while eating
Love the milk

A robin enjoying a berry

A young Red Start came for a visit

This molting Blue Jay looks pretty sad without it head feathers

Juvenile Blue Jay all fluffed out

A juvenile male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Chippy looking down from his perch

Juvenile Baltimore Oriole

Young male Grosbeak was quite content to get close 
to me to have some sunflower seeds

Female Red Start

Juvenile Red-breasted Grosbeak enjoying a wild raspberry

Young Mennonite family we passed on our way home

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