Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wheatley, Aug1-4 2014

It hard to believe we are into the month of August already. We had a good long weekend away once Duncan recovered from the chills and hot flashes he came down with on our drive to Wheatley. His knee also became very painful and he was achy all over. We had a relaxing Friday and I enjoyed time out at the campfire. Duncan was out for part of it but otherwise he rested. It was raining a bit on Saturday morning so we just hung out at the cottage until early afternoon. We decided to go for a tour into Leamington to the bakery to get some fresh bread and then took the scenic route back to the park. We made several stops along the way to check out ponds and the lake. We picked up perch, fries and coleslaw for dinner in Wheatley at Liddles. It was a great dinner and we spent the rest of the evening by the fire. Sunday was our day to go to Point Pelee and check out the sights there. We saw a number of monarch butterflies which was nice since there are not so many around. We hiked out to the point and walked the marsh boardwalk. We had a few laughs as we watched some of the inexperienced canoer's  trying to navigate through the  Once we returned to Wheatley we went to the marsh boardwalks and I was able to get some great photos of a juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron. That was a first for me and it stayed for quite a while. Didn't seemed bothered by us watching it but when a few noisy kids came by it flew away. There were lots of Great Egret and Blue Herons out fishing for there dinner as well. We enjoyed a delicious pasta dinner and relaxed by a fire for the rest of the evening. Monday we explored some more of Wheatley and had a lazy time at our site before packing up and heading for home. We drove through some heavy rain in the London area but other than that it was uneventful.
We will be at the ISC's Men's Fastball Tournament here in town starting Friday and running until Aug. 16th so I will not be posting anything unless I get time to come home and do it. We will be working there for the week so we are camping at the park so we have a place to rest.

A Herring Gull protecting it catch

Red-spotted Purple Butterfly

View of the underside of the wings
Blue Heron flying over the pond

Dew on the purple grass leaves at the pond

Blue Heron at the pond

Spotted Sandpiper at the edge of the lake
6 Great Egret and a Blue Heron resting in a dead tree

Sign indicating how far south Point Pelee is

Monarch in the garden
The water comes from both directions on the tip
Looking back at the point from the tip
Tiny flowers in the Marsh

Red-winged Blackbird Just had a bath
Lily pad flower and reflection

Black Tern in it non breeding colours
Flowers at the marsh

Juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron

Close up of its face
Looking down on Lake Erie on a hazy day

Sunday evening sunset from our campsite

Painter Turtles sunbathing

Spider on it web at our site

Young Heron in the marsh area

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