Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Port Burwell, June 5-7 2015

 What a wonderful weekend to be on the the shores of Lake Erie. The weather was sunny and warm and there was a breeze all weekend long which helped to keep the mosquitoes from biting too much. They do seem to like me for some reason. Maybe its that I'm sweet or it could be the O blood that they prefer. Last year we bought some pepper cheese at the Sweet Shop in town and Brittany really liked it so we were able to pick up a couple of pieces for her. We found out that it is made near New Hamburg so they will be able to pick it up and enjoy a nice ride in the country all at the same time. We enjoyed burgers and corn on the cob done on the bbq for dinner. Yummy! Had a nice stroll on the beach and relaxed by the fire for the evening.
 Saturday I went for a morning hike before a late breakfast. I was able to get my first picture of a deer at the park.  It came out of the woods, spotted me and headed back in. Gave me just enough time to snap a shot. In the afternoon we drove to Vienna to check out Viennafest. The best part was the french  There was live music playing but I have to admit it was certainly small town quality that we heard. On the way back to the park we walked along the boardwalk to the beach where I observed a pair of yellow warblers fluttering about in the same location for quite some time. I decided that they must have a nest near by which I was able to locate. There were 5 eggs in it. It was wonderful to watch them as they went about eating. The male was bringing food to the female. I'm wondering is she is filling up before starting to spend the next several days in the nest to incubate the eggs. Would have been nice to be able to watch them for the next several days and see the young ones. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and a lazy evening by the campfire.
 Sunday morning I went for another hike for about 2 hours. The mosquitoes didn't bother me unless I stood in one spot for awhile and then they would bite at my hands as I took photos. Duncan cooked a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs with peppers, mushroom and asparagus with rye toast. He also cooked a pizza that we had for dinner later in the day. After packing up we headed to the beach for the rest of the day. When we parked a killdeer started to do the broken wing dance in front of the motorhome. I snapped a few photos before going out to see if there was a nest nearby. It was just ahead of where we parked. I was able to get some amazing photos of her as well as the nest. We walked the beach and enjoyed the warm weather. I watched a few sand pipers near a marshy area for awhile. When we left I had to make sure Duncan didn't run over the nest as it was in the parking lot amongst the gravel. I'm sure the killdeer was glad to see us leave so that she could just relax on her nest. Every time we were in or out of the motorhome she would do her broken wing dance and squawk away. I hope she is able to hatch her young safely. It was a great weekend and very relaxing as well.
Lilies growing in the marsh area along the road to the beach

Hugs for the tree

Sunset on Friday evening

The aroma of these blossoms were spectacular
Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Natures painting

The blue on this demoiselle was eye catching

Old steel bridge in Vienna

Male Yellow Warbler with food for his mate

The Mrs doing some preening
 Their nest in a small shrub

Five eggs in their nest

Busy collecting pollen

Deer heading back into the woods

Flox in bloom

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly

Wildflowers are a beezy place

Killdeer sitting on her nest

She's doing the broken wing trick to 
distract you away from her nest

Her tail feathers spread to show the beautiful colours

There are four eggs in the nest. 
They are quite big for the size of her

You can see how she has placed the rocks around the nest

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