Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rondeau, June 26-28 2015

We had the pleasure of having Emma with us this weekend. Her dad, mom and uncle Drew were going to have an uninterrupted games weekend. We arrived at the park and the weather was hot and humid and the bugs were horrendous. We were quite shocked as we had never been bothered by mosquitoes, midges and fish flies while at Rondeau before. Needless to say we couldn't spend much time outside. By late Friday evening the rain and very strong winds started and they didn't let up until  Sunday morning. It was definitely an indoor adventure. Emma was amazingly good for being unable to get out very much and run around. At one point on Saturday morning while were outside under the pop up tent we heard some cracking noises and then there was a big crash. A very large tree had come down behind our site in the forest. The winds were quite strong at the time so we assumed that the wind was too much for it. Luckily it fell away from us. In the afternoon we went for a drive in the park to get out for awhile. There were branches and leaves all over the roads. In some areas there were large branches down and rather large puddles in other spots. Emma had lots of fun playing with the duplo farm animals, her stacking cups and having books read to her. She loves her books and can point out all of the hiding mice in one of the stories. When she wanted to go out she would either bring us her shoes or she would bring ours to let us know it was time to get out for awhile. She is such a sweetheart and can keep you very entertained with some of the things she does. Sunday was a drier day with just a few rain showers. We went to the visitors center where Emma enjoyed watching the fish and seeing the animals. We went for a short walk before the rain started again. The park workers were busy with chain saws trying to clean up the downed trees and large limbs. Emma really enjoyed the french toast we had for brunch but her hair was a little sticky by the time she finished. The sun made a brief appearance as we packed up to head home. I am sure that Emma will have lots of fun camping with us in the future and we will have to make sure that it is a sunny weekend where we can get out and do lots of things. This was a record breaking weekend for picture taking. There were not many opportunities so the photo section will be very limited. Enjoy!

Emma enjoying the rain with 
 her little pig beside her

The rain was blowing across like a snow storm

You couldn't see across the bay

Keeping our electric cord out of the puddles

Some of the puddling on our site when the rain was heavy.
We had over 50mm of rain

Lots of debris on the roads

There were a few bright things to enjoy

The birds were out on Sunday

This red-winged blackbird was quite vocal

Nice to see the wild lilies

Young catbird waiting for lunch

The nest of barn swallows survived the storm

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