Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Point Farms, May 29-31 2015

Into everyone's life a little rain must fall.
 We tried a new route to get to Goderich. It is a nicer drive through the country and we avoid having to drive through Stratford and all that traffic. When we arrived on Friday the weather was gorgeous. We set up camp and headed into Goderich to place our donut order for Saturday. It had been much too long since we had enjoyed this treat. We received a number of photos of them from John over the winter as he teased us with the ones they had picked up to enjoy. We did our usual tour in town before heading back to camp. I went for a 1 hour hike while Duncan prepared supper for us. Oh how I love to just sit at a campfire sipping a hot chocolate and enjoying the sights and sounds of the burning wood. There is nothing more relaxing than an evening in the woods with the flicker of a fire. Just after we headed to bed the thunder storm started. I must say mother nature timed that one quite well.
 Saturday morning I went for another hike as it was going to rain later in the day and I wanted to check out what nature had to offer in the park before it got to wet to enjoy. We had a quick bite for breakfast before going to market in town and stopping at the bakery. Nothing like a delicious donut for your breakfast  After spending some time in Goderich we headed to Pine River Cheese to stock up on some of our favourite cheeses before heading back to camp. The rain had started so we spent the rest of the day being lazy at camp.
 Sunday was going to be a short stay as we had to get home to attend a memorial gathering in Burlington for Duncans Aunt Shirley who had passed away on May 11th. On May the 12th, Ians birthday, Duncans Grandpa Johnnie passed at age 95. Then on May 13th his Aunt Marie passed away. They say things come in threes and they sure did as it was three days in a row.  What a party they all must be having. We had breakfast, packed up and were heading home by 10:30. It rained most of the way home so I am sure we didn't miss to much by have to cut our weekend short. Looking forward to our next trip to Point Farms.

Welcome road into Point Farms

Large bracket fungus

A pair of eastern kingbirds at the waters edge

Seeds of life for a dandelion

This raccoon looks like it is eating a Culberts donut

Red-eyed vireo in the evening light

Lots of apple blossoms throughout the park

Great view from the tree tops

Lake view from the cliff tops

Female red start posing nicely

Lots of giant ant hills along the roadsides at the park
Placed my lens cover on it to show the size

Count my rings and find my age

Flowers are blooming everywhere

Common wren, a first for me

Side view shows off the feather pattern

Building their nest in a rotting gate post

Blue heron ready for a landing

The smell of the lilacs was amazing

Someone built a leen two shelter on one of the campsites

Can you hear me now?

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