Friday, July 31, 2015

Bruder Campground

 The Luck of the Irish was with us as we celebrated family this past weekend at our family reunion. The weather was hot and humid but not a drop of rain fell on us. Liz and Fred once again offered their home and wonderful piece of property in the country for us to gather for the weekend. Some of us camped out for the duration and others came for the main gathering on Saturday. It is always so much fun when we gather and the relatives that don't come have no idea what a great time they are missing out on. We celebrated our Irish heritage this year and we had a great time wearing our  Irish green clothes and accessories. As usual there was too much food but we managed to eat most of it during the coarse of the weekend. We also enjoyed a wee bit of Baileys and some Guinness beer. Thanks to Fred for making some of his yummy sausage for us to enjoy as well as fresh tomatoes from the garden. Pat baked an Irish potato cake that was amazing. Everyone brought great food that we enjoyed over the coarse of the weekend. We had the pleasure of a special guest as well. My nephew James brought his 9 week old german sheppard puppy for all of us to enjoy. Breeze is her name and she was so well behaved and such a cutie. We enjoyed two wonderful evenings by the campfire.  The partiers who were up late enough on Saturday evening had the pleasure of watching Fred and Cindy singing Tom Jones song, Delilah. They did an amazing job and their acting deserves an oscar. Sunday was a much more relaxing day and gave us a chance to chat a little more with the cousins and family that were still around. We always look forward to this special weekend and there is only 357 more sleeps until our next
P.S. A group picture will be attached when I get it from Joanne......hint, hint.

The gold of Ireland in Fridays sunset

Liz with her great nieces in their Irish head wear
The elusive Bluebird, a first for me

I walked part of the trail both evenings

Some of the campers visiting Saturday morning

Fred gathering wood for our campfire
Breeze was adored and received much attention

Liz has many roses in her garden

The cows were enjoying their green
Donny, Diana and John looking a wee bit Irish
Diana even did her nails
Savannah Sparrow in the evening sun
Another first for me

Sweet peas flowers in the morning shadow

Cindy has fallen in love with Breeze

Pat & Geoff testing their new camera on an evening stroll

Pollinator at work

Cupid in the clouds on Saturday evening

Green tents decorated for the Clancy Clan gathering

Breeze enjoyed the red cup party

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