Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MacGregor Point, July 3-5 2015

 Hurray!!! We finally had a sunny and warm weekend. It was nice to get back up to MacGregor as we enjoy our excursions at this park. There is always lots to do and see in and around this area. We spent our time Friday in the park enjoying the sights and sounds. There was a Red-eyed Vireo that spent most of the weekend at our site singing its wonderful songs from the tree tops. Before a late dinner I went for a hike and was rewarded with some great shots of Cedar Waxwings and Redstarts. After dinner we enjoyed and evening by the campfire.
 Saturday was a busy day. I was up early so I went for another hike and found a Great Egret standing on a large rock at the edge of the lake. I was able to get a few pictures before it flew off. I walked along the old road trail and came across it again down in the water by the beach. I also came across a pair of Song Sparrows that were busy collecting bugs for their wee ones. After a quick bite to eat we  headed out to hit the bakery in Southampton to get a few goodies for ourselves and we couldn't go visit John and Joanne without bringing a treat. We then headed up to Sauble Falls to spend some time enjoying the views along the falls. The water was quite high there as it is everywhere this year. Our hiking was more limited due to the water levels. After heading back to Southampton we stopped in at the Market before heading to John's for a visit. He had a busy day working on his fifth wheel and cutting down a birch tree in the yard. Dwayne and Karen were there so we had a great visit with all of them. Thanks also for the yummy dinner. We spent the evening sitting around their outdoor propane fire pit. What a great way to keep warm on a cool evening.
 Sunday morning I was off on another hike before a late breakfast. It was sunny and warm and I enjoyed my walk along the waters edge. We packed up early and parked the motor home down at the beach parking lot and went to the visitors center to walk the trails in that area. Down by the water we found two Great Egrets fishing for their lunch. There were lots of wild flowers along the way that I always enjoy seeing and the turtles were out and about at the pond. We then went to spend some time at the observation tower at the duck pond. It was great just being able to be out in the warmth enjoying the sights in the park. We headed home at dinner time and enjoyed cheese, crackers, summer sausage and veggies on our trip home. Just outside of Elmira there were 3 hot air balloons coming down for a landing so I was able to get a few shots of that as we passed by. It was a fabulous weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed the sun and warmth.

Northern Waterthrush, a first for me

Missing a few parts but still looking lovely

Clam spider has caught a butterfly

Natures beauty on my walk

Male Redstart singing his song

Juvenile Redstart waiting for some food

Beauty in soft colours

Cedar Waxwing enjoying a berry

Young Waxwing out exploring.
Still needs to grow its tail feathers

Doing some grooming, note the short wings still

Shimmering green on this dragonfly

These flowers like it down by the water

Song Sparrow in the pine tree

Natures flower pot

The start of a lean two down by the lake

Great Egret enjoying the view

View along the rocky shore 

Doing some fishing in a marsh area

Your to close, so I'm out of here

Muskrat at the duck pond

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