Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Port Burwell, July 10-12 2015

This was a great beach weekend. We took full advantage of the warm weather and spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon enjoying the sand and the sounds of the water rolling into the shoreline. It made me think of how mom always talked about missing the sound of the waves when she moved to Canada. Sunday the water was very calm but we still enjoyed the bit of noise that the water made as it reached the shore. It was great to walk along the beach and soak up the amazing views at the waters edge. We enjoyed two restful evenings by the campfire and I was able to sleep in both mornings. Must have had something to do with all the time we spent at the beach. I also enjoyed a hike on Saturday morning. Friday when we went down to the beach we spotted a family of Killdeer in the parking lot. I was able to get a few photos of the little ones that could only walk as their wings had not developed enough for flying yet. There were four young ones so I wondered if they were the ones that were in the eggs that I got pictures of on our last trip to Port Burwell in June. We also saw twin fawns in the field by the docks. One of them actually jumped over the other when they started to run to get back into the wooded area across the road. It was quite funny to see that. I am hoping that since we have had 2 nice weekends in a row that the summer weather will continue and we will be able to enjoy many more nice dry weekends away.

This cat greeted us at the park.
Looks like it needs a nap

I'm hiding and you can't see

Art in the water. The remains of an old dock.

Mr. Purple Martin feeding the young ones

Where are they? We're hungry!

The Mrs. taking a break

A young red squirrel enjoying an evening snack

Very young Killdeer

A little fuzz ball with long legs and wee wings

Ring-billed seagulls in the sunset light

Sunset at the edge of the lake

Twin fawns in the evening glow

The one on the right just jumped over the other

Mrs. Cardinal in the morning light

Geometry on the pond. Can you find the heart shape?

Seagull enjoying the nice weather

Can you find my head as I do my preening?
Feather with dew drops in the moist sand

Common Tern voicing its opinion

Ready for take off

Twelve-spotted skimmer in the afternoon sun

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