Thursday, August 20, 2015

MacGregor, Aug.14-16 2015

What another amazing weekend. I think I witnessed one of my best sunsets on Saturday evening at the foot of Beach St. in Southampton. It was so beautiful to watch the sun set with the Chantry Island Lighthouse as part of the view.
 Friday after setting up camp we drove down to Inverhuron Park to check out the new Holmes Bay campground. We wanted to see what sites would be good for us when we head that way in September. They did a great job on the new campground but it will take a few years for the trees to fill back in. We also saw that they built a group camping area. After enjoying a yummy dinner of salad and hamburgers we spent the remainder of the evening by the fire. Not too close though as it was a very warm evening.
 Saturday I went for a hike in the morning before breakfast. It was already getting quite warm. We then headed into Southampton to do some shopping and make a stop at the bakery. We picked up a couple jelly donuts which I loved, a few apple fritters and a chelsea bun. We slowly made our way back to camp and had a restful afternoon. We decided to try Lord Elgin's fish and chips for dinner. We both really enjoyed it but were much to full by the time we finished. We then headed into Southampton to enjoy the sunset and take some pictures of it. We stopped in for a short visit with John and Joanne who were heading out to a dance in town. Hope you had a great evening! After arriving back at camp we sat by the campfire til just after midnight.
 Sunday I went for another hike and it was a very hot and muggy one even though it was early in the day. We enjoyed some brunch and a bit leisure time before packing up and parking the motor home off site. We spent the rest of the day touring the park. There wasn't to much activity as I'm sure it was to hot and humid even for the birds and wildlife. We hooked up the car and headed home around 5. We enjoyed veggie, dip, cheese and crackers for dinner on our trip home.

The beginning of sunset

This Monarch had very pale colours

Dragonfly keeping its eyes on me

Red Admiral Butterfly enjoying the golden rod

Hitching a ride on the back of the wagon

Beautiful flowers growing at the beach

The sky is a ball of fire

Tiny flowers on the shoreline

Golden wheat in a field by the park

                                                  I always love the look of wheat photos

Setting sun behind the lighthouse

The vibrant colours were breathtaking

Morning sun through the trees at our site

Tepee under construction along the old shore road trail

Christmas colours along the trail

Look what I found on my walk

New life growing from a dead tree

A Merlin surveying the snake pond area

I thought I saw a turtle

Pitcher plant flowers at the bog

Signs of fall are starting to show on some trees :o(

Sunset or moon rise? Depends on how you see it!

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