Thursday, August 13, 2015

Point Farms, Aug.7-9 2015

 The "Prettiest Little Town" was a great place to spend the weekend. It was busy in Goderich as they were hosting the Celtic Festival and there were quite a number of people there to enjoy the music. We decided not to attend as we were going to have company on Saturday. Ian, Brittany, Drew and Emma were coming to spend the afternoon at the beach and have supper with us. Saturday morning we went into town to pick up our order at the bakery before visiting the market to get some fresh veggies and  corn on the cob for supper. When we arrived at the bakery they were lined up on the street to get in which had never happened when we were there before. I had a nice chat with a couple from Waterloo while waiting in line. After getting back to camp our guests arrived so we heading down to the beach. We ended up spending less time at the water as the clouds rolled in and it was getting cooler. Poor Emma was turning blue after spending some time in the water. She enjoyed playing in the sand more than being in the cool water. We had supper together before they headed back home. The corn was so good that most of us ate too much as we just had to have another one. Duncan and I went down to the beach to get sunset pictures and spent the rest of the evening by the campfire.
 Sunday morning I went for a hike in the park before we enjoying toasted egg, bacon and tomato sandwiches for brunch. We packed up and headed to the beach. It was warm and sunny so it was a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon before heading home later in the day.

View from the rail trail over the Maitland River

Old hydro trusses with the bridges shadow on the river

Bird on the right is a juvenile Cow Bird that is being fed by a Red-eyed Vireo. 
Cowbirds often lay eggs in other birds nests and that bird raises them.

Young Cowbird

Moth adding to the beauty of the flower

Heron flying away from me

Emma testing the water with dad (Ian)

Happy Emma at the beach

Mesmerized by the sand flowing through her fingers

Seagull with it large catch

It was fun watching it trying to swallow it whole

Lake bottom through the calm waters

Sunset from the lake edge

Great use of nature to secure a tarp

Even with the clouds it was gorgeous

Hiking on the Farm Trail

Busy as a bee

Beauty in nature

Dragonfly keeping its eyes on me

Turkey Vulture soaring past

Sunday the lake was busy with boat traffic

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