Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Port Burwell, Aug. 21-23 2015

We had a great weekend away and spent lots of time at the waters edge enjoying the sun and sandy beach. Its always nice to be able to walk along this long beach and enjoy the crashing of the waves along the shoreline. The water was rough on Friday but became calmer as the weekend progressed. I was able to observe a fair number of Sanderling Sandpippers as they foraged along the waters edges for food. I had not yet photographed this bird so it was fun getting pictures of them. It is amazing how fast their legs can move if you get to close to them. They breed in the high Arctic and spend there winters on sandy beaches probing for food in the receding waves. It was also nice to see so many monarch butterflies. The numbers are still down but this was the most we had observed in a long time. Some of them looked pretty beat up as they were missing parts of their wings but this didn't stop them from fluttering about as they enjoyed the nectar on the milkweed plants. I enjoyed two hikes through the woods in the morning sunlight. I only saw one other person along the trail on Saturday and no one on Sunday morning so it was quite peaceful except for the birds that were singing or pecking in the trees along the way. We enjoyed Fred's garlic sausage bbq'd with baked potato's and beans for dinner on Saturday evening. He makes the best sausage and Duncan does an amazing job of barbecuing  it to perfection. We were able to spend two wonderful evenings by the campfire enjoying a tea and a delicious hot chocolate. This weekend we are off to the Pinery and Drew is planning on joining us. We will be doing some biking through the park and enjoying our time with him. It's suppose to be a warm and sunny weekend so we will have lots of fun.

Sanderling Sandpipers along the beach

Monarch enjoying the nectar

Beach grass that grew in a clump

Caterpillar climbing on the beach bean plant

This is the biggest tree I have seen at the park

Lots of water spiders in the creek with a great reflection

Beauty in the woods

White-breasted nuthatch doing its upside down travels

Wildflowers along the trail

A feather in its mouth after preening

Old knots washed into shore with the waves

Adult and juvenile Sanderlings working the beach

Pretty tiny flowers growing in the bush

This is not what you are suppose to do with your used wood bags. 
Please throw them away as they are biodegradable.

Juvenile Pine Warbler

Saturday evening at the beach

Seagull in the setting sun

Beauty above the trees at sunset

Seagull hoping for a handout while at the beach on Sunday

Sanderling wading along the shoreline

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