Thursday, September 24, 2015

Inverhuron, Sept. 18-20 2015

 We finally were able to try out the new Holmes campground at Inverhuron. I was quite pleased with our site and it was great to be so close to the water. All of the new sites are quite spacious and angled in such a away that you almost feel as if you are the only ones in the woods. It will be a few years before the undergrowth fills in and really gives us amazing privacy. Friday evening we went into Southampton to visit with John and Joanne for a few hours before heading back to Inverhuron for a late campfire.
 Saturday we had a lazy start to the day but did lots of traveling in the afternoon. We stopped at the bakery in Southampton and also at the veggie market. We then headed to Lime Kiln Cottages in Inverhuron to pick up Rod before traveling down to Pine River to stock up on cheese that we enjoy from there. Now it was off to Lachelsh to the cemetery. We spent a bit of time there and discovered that the oldest person buried there was born in the late 1760's. That was quite a surprise to us that it was that long ago. After leaving there we drove into Kincardine and stopped by the water for a short visit. It was so windy that it was hard to keep the camera still to get a few photos. I had never seen Lake Huron as rough as it was that day but there were kite surfers out enjoying themselves. At times the wind was picking them right out of the water. After touring the area a bit we headed into Tiverton to the Kings Pearl for supper. We all enjoyed there roast beef special and our desert of three different brownies. Now that we were all stuffed it was time to head back to camp to watch the sunset and spend the rest of the evening enjoying good conversation around the campfire. At 1am Duncan drove Rod back to his cottage and we headed to bed for a well deserved rest.
 We both slept in Sunday and enjoyed a relaxing morning at camp watching the blue jays before brunch and packing up and spending the rest of the afternoon exploring down by the beach. There were many monarchs flying around and collecting nectar for there trip south for the winter. We always enjoy our adventures at Inverhuron and it was nice to be able to enjoy the new campground as well.
Were off to Port Burwell this weekend in hopes of seeing a large group of Monarchs before they cross Lake Erie on there southern migration.

 Our great site backing onto the lake

 Early evening looking over the lake

A child's artwork on a rock at our campsite

Lots of Blue Jays came to visit

Chickadee's are always fun to watch

Always so beautiful in their blue and white feathers

Male Monarch as indicated by the 2 black dots

Fluffed up and taking a good look at me

Red Squirrel not happy with my presence

Male Black-And-White Warbler. Another first!

Rough waters Saturday in Kincardine

Waves crashing over the break wall 

Monarch enjoying a little goldenrod

Collecting a few sunflower seeds in the evening light

Saturday sunset as the waters start to calm

Puff the Magic Dragon letting off some steam

Young and old pine cones in the afternoon sunlight

Calling out for some more nuts to eat

Two Monarchs filling up on nectar for the journey

Windsurfing on a calmer lake Sunday afternoon

Fuzzy little Monarch collecting nectar 

Mennonites heading home on Sunday eve

I love it when there are wee ones on the buggy

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