Friday, September 11, 2015

Perth Party, Sept. 4-7 2015

We went to the fair!!!
 We had a great weekend in Perth visiting with Bob and Susan. Cousin Pat and her husband Geoff from Windsor arrived at our house on Thursday evening so that they would have a shorter drive to Perth on Friday. They headed out about an hour before us and we messaged back and forth for the duration of our trip. They would let us know where they were and what the traffic was like. It was fun to keep in touch along the way. Because we didn't have to make any stops on the way we arrived about 15 minutes after them. After getting set up we spent the rest of the evening visiting and enjoying the wonderful dinner Susan had made for us. The dessert was very light and yummy and I will be adding it to my recipe book. Later that evening and every night we were able to listen to the wolves and coyotes howling off in the distance, I had never heard so many of them at one time. I now know the difference between the two very well. Unfortunately Pat and Geoff received a message that his mom had fallen and broken her hip earlier in the evening. They were going to operate Saturday morning. I am sure this was a little bit of a dampener on there weekend.
 Saturday we were going to spend time at the Perth Fair. It has been a long time since we had been to a fair so it was fun seeing all the attractions and enjoying a bit of fair food. Unfortunately it was so hot and humid we didn't stay for more than a few hours. The girls then went into Perth to check out a few new shops while the men went to the butchers and did a bit of a tour. Saturdays dinner was at Bistro 54 Italiano and it was extremely good. They rest of the evening we spent visiting.
 Sunday we headed into West Port to do some shopping and we had a wonderful lunch at the Tangled Garden Cafe. We were all very pleased with our food and Bob and Susan will be going back for more in the future. Pat and I both picked up the lemon and lime curds at one shop so we can make the dessert we had on Friday evening. After a successful shopping trip we headed back to the house for a late afternoon snack. For dinner that evening we had bbq'd london broil, corn, asparagus and  strawberry rhubarb pie. Let me just say we enjoyed every meal and ate way too much all weekend long. The rest of the evening was spent visiting and listening to the wildlife howling in the distance.
 Pat and Geoff headed out early on Monday morning so that they could stop in Woodstock to visit his mom in hospital so they missed out on the delicious oven baked raspberry french toast with maple syrup and bacon. It was really yummy and we enjoyed there share of We packed up and headed out just before 1 and made a stop at Silver Lake to dump and check the park out. It was a good ride home considering so much traffic was on the road for the last long weekend of the summer. We messaged with Pat and Geoff along the way so we had an idea of what there drive was like. I think the traffic was lighter for us than it had been for them.
 A special thanks to Bob and Susan for another great weekend together. We always have lots of fun and laughter when the 6 of us get together. Hopefully we will be able to do this again next year and John and Joanne will be able to join us. Until then be well and have a happy and healthy Perth fall and winter.

Busy bee on the garlic flowers

We gifted Bob and Susan a new swinging cock

Yellow-bellied sapsuckers working the hydro pole

The neighbours cat came for a visit

Flowers showing signs of fall

Swallowtail butterfly collecting nectar for its southern journey
Wasp collecting pollen on the sedum flowers

Pretty in Pink

Dad and a juvenile American Finch taking a rest

Blue suede flowers with a touch of pink

Sunday evening sunset

Fencing from days gone by

Wild Parsnip. A dangerous invasive plant. Stay away!
Relaxing on the front porch while Bob bbq's dinner
Lawn mower races

Momma duck and her 19 ducklings
Its not a fair without a ferris wheel

Bob and Duncan taking in the FUN sights
Young pony sticking close to mom

Little kids tractor pull, how cute!!

This is my kind of

Silver Lake
Lets go canoeing

I found Chippy coming out of its home

Posing for a photo

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