Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Point Farms, Sept.11-13 2015

 The cool weather crept in this weekend but it did not deter us from our weekend adventure. It was sunny and warm when we headed out but by the time we arrived at our destination it was cloudy and cooler. After setting up camp and relaxing for a short time we headed to the bakery to place our donut order for Saturday morning pick-up. We then picked up some wood for our campfires. While driving along the beach area and were shocked by all the Inukshuk that lined the shore. It was quote a sight to see. We took a tour of the area before heading back to camp to get some supper cooking. After dinner we enjoyed a relaxing evening in front of a warm fire.
 Saturday I went for an early hike before we headed into town to the bakery. Once we returned with our goodies we headed to Blyth to the Steam Threshers Show. We could not believe the amount of people camping there and how busy it was. It was so neat to see all of the machines. There were wee tiny ones and huge ones with wheels taller than me. We spent over 5 hours walking around and seeing some of the machines in operation. The Blyth Legion was having a roast beef and ham dinner upstairs in the arena so we decided to stay and have dinner as well. It was sooo good that we both ate to much but enjoyed every bite of it. After dinner we went and looked at the old cars before heading back to camp. I walked over to the cliff area to watch the sunset before enjoying an evening by the crackling fire. The sunset was unbelievable even though there was some cloud cover. The red and purple colours were breathtaking. Even after the sun set the colour that appeared through the cracks in the clouds were even more brilliant than before.
 Sunday I went for a long walk. It was cool but by the time I returned it was warming up. We enjoyed a wonderful brunch before packing up and driving into town and doing a tour to Benmiller before returning to the park. There were many monarch butterflies in the picnic area of the park. They must be getting ready to make there long journey down to Mexico. It was nice to see so many of them in one area. There were also lots of yellow flickers in the park but they really keep there distance from anyone. The water at the beach was very rough all weekend but we enjoyed listening to the surf all weekend at our campsite. We headed out at five for our journey home. It was quite cool by the time we arrived home that evening. Not sure if we will get back to Point Farms before the end of the season but we always enjoy our time there.

Inulshuk by the lake in Goderich
Rough waters along the shore

Molting Blue Jay visited Saturday morning

One of the many small steam threshers

There were lots of old tractors on display
This ones run the saw that was cutting logs

Erie steam shovel, old truck and 
bulldozer were busy moving dirt all day

Info on the steam shovel

This baby alpaca had the softest fur

I got to try out a mini tractor

Horse power was used to cut the wood with this saw

Amazing colours on this Golden Pheasant

Mini steam thresher with its wood wagon

Wheels, pulleys and cogs

Nice hairdo

This rides like a tricycle and you steer with the ranes

One of the many big steam threshers

They had a petting area for the kids

Duncan drooled when he saw this Thunderbird

An old fifth wheel still being used

Saturday sunset over Lake Huron

Sun breaking through the clouds

Red and purple after the sun disappears

Crab spider looking for a snack

Mushroom that broke through the bark

Webs on the dried thistles

Golden beauty in the late summer

One of many monarchs

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